Weekday Baking Schedule

Soup and baked goods are available in the Dining Hall after the
morning Bible Study. Soup should be ordered in advance.

Soup Schedule & Prices:   $5.00/quart; $2.50/pint

     Monday - Chicken Corn Noodle        Tuesday - Chile
     Wednesday - Beef Noodle           Thursday - Potato
     Friday - Vegetable Burger

The cookie & pie prices and schedule are to be determined

Cookie Schedule and Prices (prices vary)

Different cookies baked fresh Monday through Friday

Pie Schedule & Prices: Large - $?.?? - Small - $?.??

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - Shoo-fly, Cherry, Peach, Apricot, Raisin, Apple,
            and Raspberry - We will make them as long as pie filling lasts.

Thursday - Custards - Coconut, Cherry, Raspberry

Menu subject to change

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