Meals are served in the Dining Hall during campmeeting at 5:30 P.M.
Daily: Adults - $7.50; Children 4-10 - $4.00
Sunday: Adults - $7.75; Children 4-10 - $4.00
No reservations necessary


Monday, July 15: 

Tuesday, July 16:

Wednesday, July 17: Kid's Night Meal (Kid-friendly food) - Campmeeting Fellowship (Age 13 and up, $2, 12 and under free)

Thursday, July 18:

Friday, July 19:

Saturday, July 20: Covered Dish 12 noon (before stockholders meeting)

Sunday, July 21: 12:00 Noon
Ice cream and other refreshments are available at the Snack Bar after the evening services.

Weekday Baking Schedule

Soup and baked goods are available in the Dining Hall after the
morning Bible Study. Soup should be ordered in advance.

Soup Schedule & Prices:   $5.00/quart; $2.50/pint

     Monday -         Tuesday -
     Wednesday -            Thursday -
     Friday -

The cookie & pie prices and schedule are to be determined

Cookie Schedule and Prices (prices vary)

Different cookies baked fresh Monday through Friday

Pie Schedule & Prices: Large - $?.?? - Small - $?.??

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday -
    - We will make them as long as pie filling lasts.

Thursday -

Menu subject to change

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