129th Annual Campmeeting

July 11 to July 18, 2021

Evening services at 7:00 PM throughout the week.  This year's theme is "Everybody Needs Jesus!" featuring the message in Word and song presented by Dr Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson.

Dr. Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson have spent their lives in ministry.  Dr. Bob has pastored, planted churches, and traveled across the country and overseas, preaching and leading worship in revivals, camp meetings and crusades. He is also a talented singer, songwriter and accomplished pianist. Dr. Bob is currently working on his first published book, “The New Normal” outlining the cultural, theological and societal changes in our culture and churches today. He was awarded his Doctorate of Divinity in 2011 from Holy Trinity University. Jennifer, a talented and anointed vocalist in her own right has served as a worship leader, choir director, and soloist and worked with some of the best of the best in gospel music.  Together they form a dynamic, anointed team committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Proclaiming that "Everybody Needs Jesus!"



Sunday, July 11

7:00 PM

Join us for the opening service of the 129th Anniversary of the Mt Lebanon Campmeeting featuring Dr Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson presenting the Gospel through Word and song.  "Everybody Needs Jesus!"


This is the first night of Campmeeting. Anyone interested in singing in the Campmeeting and Friends Choir contact Charles Kocher at (717)925-4483.


Monday, July 12, through Friday, July 16

8:00 AM: Prayer time in tabernacle

10:00 AM: Children's Hour in the Children's Cottage with Francy Lendenmuth and Lois Matarazzi

10:00 AM: Adult Bible Study with Dr. Rodney Shearer (in the Tabernacle)

               "Why Have You Forsaken Me" , How do we understand God when evil happens?

10:00 AM: Youth with Rev. Jeff Kapp and Lindsey Whayland

2:00 PM: Crafts in the Pavilion with Ardala Newswanger

3:00 PM: Special Wednesday afternoon service with Dr Herb Smith presenting "The Life of Moses"  (tabernacle)

4:00 PM: Porch Activities, (day and time TBA)

5:30 PM: Supper in the Dining Hall

7:00 PM: Evening Service with the Wilkersons, "Everybody Needs Jesus"



Evening Services - 7 pm

Join Dr. Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson each night as they share the gospel and proclaim that "Everybody Needs Jesus!". 

Saturday, July 17

7:00 PM Evening service with Dr Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson 


Sunday, July 18

9:15 AM: Sunday School: Dr. Herb Smith

              Topic: Missionary work in Africa

10:30 AM: Morning Worship:

               Morning Message by Dr. Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson

12:00 PM: Roast Beef dinner catered by Heisey's Diner at the Dining Hall

7:00 PM: Evening service with Dr Bob and Jennifer Wilkerson


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